Good day, dear sir, what’s in your glass?

Oh me? I fancy rum.

It gives me quite the kick, you see,

and makes my insides numb.

The rum dissolves my thoughts real quick, 

helps me forget the past.

What past, you ask, do I possess?

Well, lean back in your seat.

Order another round, I say,

you’re in for quite a treat.

A bit dizzy, I am right now.

Don't worry, I won't faint. 

As for the black coating my hands,

no sir, it is not paint. 

But in the morn, I feel real sick, 

and chug some pills real fast.

My name is Barry Reaper, no,

I'm not the famous one. 

No doubt you'd know my brother Grim, 

he was the favored son.

Oh growing up with perfect Grim

was horrid in one word. 

My mom and dad did dote on him

'cause he they quite preferred

At six years old he took his first, 

the pet mouse I'd named Fred.  

My parents Oo'd and Ah'd at this

"What skill he has!" they said..  

But I stood there, a mess of tears -  

tears no one saw me shed. 

To them, it was a miracle. 

To me, a friend was dead.